Try jumping, you might find out you actually like jumping!


It has been a week since I showed my film to maybe 100 youngsters in the Odeon Cinema in Chisinau, Moldova. And I am still a bit teary when I think about it, in a good way of course. The amazing organisation of the CRONOGRAF Festival had a whole bus of youth invited to watch the five films in the A LIKE for Documentary competition, so it was a full house, almost. Of course I was death nervous and worried about the missing Romanian subtitles while watching my own film for the 50th time or so, almost hating it.

But afterwards there was a big applause from the audience and we had a really inspiring and warm conversation. I was amazed by the questions they asked me. Not only they wanted to know my favourite documentary, they asked me more personal questions. I was willing to tell them many things as I felt they were soaking it all up, being really inspired. This gave me such a positive rush, feeling that with showing them my film and talking to them I could really change something! They are at the age (15-18 years) that they can be really, truly astonished and overwhelmed by something new.

Nikita, a spiritual and very wise kid whom I spoke more with after the screening, asked me how I managed to build my own self-esteem. Bogdan, a jury member asked me how they should find out what their talent is, without the help of The Flying Seagull Project. I was amazed by the intelligence of heir questions! Well, making Play, no matter what! was definitely the project that was my coming out, helping me a great deal becoming more confident! And how can you find out what your talents are when you are in an unchallenging or difficult situation? Be open! Ask people questions, be curious and get to know yourself, by asking yourself questions. Try jumping, you might find out you actually like jumping!

In the video one of the jury members gives me a huge compliment. I can live of this for a while. I am thankfully thinking back of a wonderful happening there in Chisinau. That same evening I received an award for my film (!).

Right now the only thing I want is to get that film to more youth in Eastern Europe, because that is where Play, no matter what! belongs.